NCT Taeyong And Red Velvet Seulgi Dance To “Make A Wish”

This unexpected video of Taeyong and Seulgi dancing has gone viral!

On June 25, Seulgi shared a video of herself and NCT’s Taeyong dancing together to NCT U’s hit “Make A Wish (Birthday Song).” The two powerful dance machines had previously collaborated on a song called “Rose.”

Seulgi explained that she’s learned the dance from Taeyong himself and has decided to film the video after learning it. She also thanked him in the caption of the video,

“I’m not sure when I’ll take another one, it’s a practice video I took after learning from Taeyong. I’m leaving it behind.

I really wanted to learn this dance, I want to thank Taeyong for teaching me so well (@taeoxo_nct). (What should I do next time?))”

Check out the video of Taeyong and Seulgi dancing below!

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