Media Outlet Accuses BTS Of Using Chart Manipulation To Get No. 1 With “Butter” On The Hot 100, Army Fight Back

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A Paraguayan media outlet called “ABC Digital” is under fire by ARMY for an article they recently published on their site.

The article that’s garnering attention and a lot of backlash is about how BTS was only able to concur the US market using chart manipulation and cheating.

The article also adds that they believe the group used the strategy to sell cheap and buy in bulk to boost the sales of “Butter” on the charts, and in part this was due to the 69 cents price for the track as well.

The article also claims the fandom has rendered the music charts ‘useless’ with their methods, also saying,

“it was a premeditated maneuver for the mass of their fans, also known as ARMY, to acquire the song repeatedly and inflate the charts.

ARMY quickly fought back showing receipts of how wrong those accusations are, they discuss how the article discuss huge claims without any backing or proof. On June 16, fans even began trending the hashtag #ApologizeABCCOLOR.

Paraguayan ARMY have been emailing the news outlet demanding a response and an apology.

ABC Digital has yet to respond.

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