[BREAKING] MAMAMOO Wheein Leaves RBW, To Continue Promoting With Her Group Until At Least 2023


MAMAMOO Wheein has left RBW!

On June 11, RBW issued a statement to confirm that Wheein has indeed decided to part ways with the agency.

In their statement, they explain that after in-depth discussions with Wheein, she decided not to renew her contract. Hence, she is leaving the agency. They added,

“We fully respect Wheein’s choice, and we sincerely wish Wheein, who is starting a new chapter in life, happiness and good fortune. We would like to thank Wheein for shining with us for the past 7 years.”

Wheein will continue promoting with MAMAMOO after signing an extended agreement for some activities including comebacks and concerts until December 2023.

Since 2021 is MAMAMOO’s 7th year anniversary, contract renewals are up, the rest of the group members have already renewed their contract with RBW. Solar and Moonbyul renewed their contracts with RBW in January, and Hwasa renewed hers in March. The group debuted in June of 2014.

MAMAMOO had recently made a comeback with their 11th mini album “WAW.”

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