Lee Kwang Soo Repeatedly Apologizes To “Running Man” Cast For His Sudden Unexpected Departure


A lot of tears have been shed over the weekend when the last episode of “Running Man” featuring Lee Kwang Soo aired.

On June 13, SBS aired the final episode of “Running Man” which features Lee Kwang Soo. The episode was emotional, to say the least. During the episode, Lee Kwang Soo read out aloud a heartfelt letter he’s written to his colleagues, he could barely contain his emotions and kept repeatedly apologizing for leaving the show due to his health issues.

He said,

“Thank you, to our members for making me become who I am today and for making me feel like I have a family. I am so grateful and I apologize, I apologize again and again.’

As he burst into tears reading the letter, other members also got emotional and began crying.

He ended his letter with asking the fans to look forward to the cast future and give them lots of love.

You can watch the full clip down below!

Thank you and good-bye, Lee Kwang Soo!

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