Former Wanna One Member Lai Kuanlin is no longer signed to Cube Entertainment!

Lai Kuanlin previously requested to terminate his contract with Cube Entertainment in July 2019 with the reasoning that the agency had taken actions that violated their contract. At the time, the Seoul District Court dismissed his request. He later filed an appellate trial in May 2020, which was dismissed by the Seoul High Court.

After that, Lai Kuanlin’s legal representative filed a lawsuit on merits for the invalidity of his contract with Cube Entertainment. Four trials took place for this case.

On June 17, the Seoul Central District Court ruled that Lai Kuanlin and Cube Entertainment’s exclusive contract as invalid and added, “The defendant is responsible for paying the litigation expenses.”

As a result, he’s no longer signed to Cube Entertainment.

Lai Kuanlin is currently active as an actor after he debuted in China.

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