KARD Somin recent Instagram update is garnering attention!

On her most recent Instagram update, KARD’s Somin shared a photo of a book verse that reads,

“I thought it would be okay, if I lived my life being round and kind.

However, the world wasn’t like that. When I was only round I got kicked here and there, and rolled around everywhere.

There is a need for me to have some edges.”


Netizens believe Somin is referring to the ongoing controversy surrounding her past group APRIL. Somin used to be a part of APRIL around the time former member Hyunjoo was also a member. And despite debuting with APRIL in 2015, she left that same year and re-debuted with KARD in 2016.

There is currently an ongoing legal battle between Hyunjoo and DSP Media after Hyunjoo alleges she bullied by her group members.

Somin has mostly remained silent on the matter and her recent update is garnering negative responses from netizens, some believe she should’ve kept silent while others believe she should clarify her position regarding the ongoing controversy in more details.

What do you think of Somin’s post?


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