K-Netizens Baffled By Oli London Identifying As A Non-Binary Korean

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Oli London, best known for having multiple surgeries to look like BTS Jimin, has gained attention for tweeting something shocking!

Oli London is known within the international Kpop community as the person who’s done many surgeries to resemble BTS Jimin. He’s now getting backlash from both UK and South Korean netizens for his recent tweet.

Recently, Oli London wrote this to twitter,

“This is my new official flag for being a non-binary person who identifies as Korean. Thank you for the overwhelming support it was so hard for me to come out as Them/they/kor/ean”


Aside from this tweet, he also posted an image of the Korean flag with rainbow colors representing the LGBTQ community.

This has angered people from many countries around the world. First, K-netizens think it was very disrespect that he tampered with the South Korean flag, many believe he’s vandalizing the Korean flag. Added to that, many believe he’s not interested in the culture but wants to identify as such to gain attention and fame.

The tweet has over 20K retweets with many k-netizens and international netizen expressing their shock at the statement he’s put out. He’s being heavily criticized for his tweet.

He’s since said he’s getting off twitter and will delete his account and is asking for a vote on whether he should delete his twitter account or not.


What are your thoughts on this?

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