Jun Ji Hyun Denies The Divorce Rumors And Promises Strict Legal Action, How Did The Rumors Start?

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Famous South Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun has denied the divorce rumors!

But how on earth did such rumors start?

Recently, an infamous YouTube channel “Garo Sero Institute;” known for stirring controversy with unconfirmed rumors and getting sued; uploaded a video claiming that Jun Ji Hyun and her husband were living separately.

They alleged that they’ve been living separately since last year after her husband had allegedly cheated on her. They also alleged that he wants a divorce but she was doing everything she can to avoid it because of two reasons, first their two children, who are 3 and 5 years of age and second, the negative impact it could have on her numerous advertisement campaigns since the news could negatively affect the brands she’s associated with.

According to their report, the actress was also looking to move overseas.

The report has since gone viral and Jun Ji Hyun’s agency has responded with a stern denial and promise of legal action.

Culture Depot said that all information mentioned in the broadcast in question are false and since these false rumors are being spread online they’re left with no choice but to investigate and find the exact truth behind the distorted false information, they will be taking strict legal action against the spreading of such false rumors that are circulating round through articles and comments.

Jun Ji Hyun is married to a businessman named Choi Jun Hyuk, the CEO of the investment firm Alpha. He’s also the grandson of famous fashion designer Lee Young Hee. The couple has two sons.

Jun Ji Hyun is currently busily filming for her upcoming drama.

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