JTBC’s Drama “Nevertheless” Surprises Netizens With Its Declining Ratings, Hitting 1% Mark Despite Its Star-Studded Cast

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JTBC’s Drama “Nevertheless” has surprised critics and netizens but in the way you’d expect.

This weekend, JTBC’s Drama “Nevertheless” episode 2 aired. The week prior, the drama premiered to 2.2%, an average number with room for improvement. However, its second episode has hit the 1% mark.

According to Nielsen Korea, JTBC’s Drama “Nevertheless” episode 2 scored an average of 1.3%, a new low for the drama.

This has surprised both netizens and critics, JTBC dramas are known for scoring well in ratings. The drama that occupied the same time slot of “Nevertheless” had ratings in the 3 and 4% range and finished off with 5% in ratings.

Its become a rare sight to see a JTBC drama score 1% in ratings despite it being a cable channel. “Nevertheless” had made headlines across the past couple of weeks for many reasons, including the star-studded cast, the 19+ rating, and most recently, the acting of its stars Song Kang and Han So Hee.

Despite the hype and the casting of the rising stars whose dramas have been doing well, “Nevertheless” is struggling to pull audience back in.

Besides Song Kang receiving mixed reviews for his acting, the lead actress Han So Hee has also received mixed responses for her acting after “Nevertheless” episode 2. Many netizens complained about her voice can’t be heard and that she isn’t leading material.

Despite that, there is still room for improvement, the drama is only 2 episodes in and still has 8 more to go.

Have you seen “Nevertheless” thus far?

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

Right off the bat, the theme of the drama is relatively slower, a lot slower than what most of the two actors audience are used to.

Han So Hee is using a softer than average voice to match her character, that wouldn’t matter much to me because I watch with subtitles on Netflix. However, I understand why netizens are complaining about that since they don’t have subtitles to rely on.

I never expected “Nevertheless” to score high ratings even with the casting judging by the teasers alone, and despite the marketing and the heavy focus on the actors choice [which has come back to haunt them], the idea is of a slower kdrama and rarely do these type of kdramas get high ratings.

It doesn’t mean they’re bad at all, but it can also be considered an indication. Ratings do matter for actors and the production, no matter how hard some fans will try to tell you otherwise. This being said, ratings shouldn’t be the only reason you choose to see a drama or not.

Sometimes, the low ratings happen because of many reasons outside of the creators’ control but this time, it appears to me that its related not only to the theme and the plot but to the acting as well. Han So Hee did well in “The World Of The Married” and I find her performance okay in this drama, especially when I compare it to the lead male. I’ve spoken about Song Kang’s acting before, my thoughts on it, and netizens thoughts as well. You can read it from here.

I hope the drama picks back up, it has a nice idea that could become something worthy of discussion if they take it a certain direction. But considering the theme, it can also go bad fast if they don’t have the material to back it up.

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. So far I like the drama and I like the male actor, I think the problem is the female actor I don’t think she suits this type of drama. I think some of the co-stars would have been better. Her acting is not believable and she is not that attractive so it’s hard to see him wanting to be with her. It’s about time they do something a little bit more provocative and less timid.

    1. Dude.. How can u just simply say that she ain’t “that attractive”??? Are u super duper pretty??? Have u seen the three episodes? At places she really looks like a goddess.. U really need to check ur eyes..

  2. I think its because of the episode . We have to wait for a week to watch another episode ..as for me .i will watch it when all the episodes are finish ..i love them both .

  3. This drama feels different.. Yeah, episode 2 has a super steamy scene… But tbh I loved it.. I mean I felt it.. I love k-dramas coz they really put all their feelings into acting.. The way the main leads approach each other, the calm and romantic atmosphere, the smooth music in the background…. even a normal kiss scene makes me to feel romantic… n here it’s a whole bed scene, with soft kisses, things going slowly which puts more feelings, the light and calm atmosphere, that soft music at the background, n most importantly, two attractive people on the bed.. What more one needs? I am looking forward to the remaining 7 episodes..

  4. I loved the drama.. sorry but I feel the slow and the soft r what the drama is about.. it gives u all the feels and it’s very relatable.. at least to those who have been there…n I love the OST

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