Jessi’s Hit Show “Showterview” Production Team Apologizes For Causing Confusion With Mistranslation In TWICE’s Interview Video

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Jessi’s Hit Show “Showterview” Production Team has issued an apology for the controversy caused by their mistranslations.

On June 17, TWICE made a guest appearance on Jessi’s Hit Show “Showterview.” The controversy started after fans saw this clip and the translation it had, during the interview, the MC asked TWICE to choose which member they’d like to switch bodies with for a day, Tzuyu chose Dahyun and said she’d like to live like her with her pale skin for one day.

Jessi looked at her own arms and made an exaggerated reaction, the members laughed since Jessi is known for being tan. Jessi then said in a joking manner,

Why don’t you try a really deep ‘ttaemili’? One time, I scrubbed my skin really thoroughly and it became like baby skin.”

The term ‘ttaemili’ is used to refer to a Korean method of using gloves to scrub off dead skin, the word was mistranslated to ‘dirt.’ As a result, Jessi got backlash for making a colorist joke.

The production crew of ‘Showterview’ issued a response and an apology, the video was also edited to exclude that scene.

Jessi had inadvertently gotten backlash by some TWICE fans, her fans are now demanding that those who jumped the gun and accused her of making a colorist joke to apologize.

Here is their statement:

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