IZ*ONE Rumored To Be Getting Back Together, CJ ENM Issues A Response

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Could IZ*ONE be getting back together again?

On June 19, one Korean news outlet reported that the girl group is in talks to reunite with the majority of the members’ agencies favoring the group getting back together.

CJ ENM has issued a response to those report clarifying that its true that discussions about IZ*ONE are currently ongoing but nothing has been decided yet.

Many fans have even raised funds to help the group get back together, CJ ENM has stated they were thankful for the fans efforts but even if the group did get back together, the funds raised by fans will not be used.

IZ*ONE was a temporary group formed on Mnet’s idol audition program “Produce 48,” they debuted in October of 2018 and disbanded in April of 2021 after promoting together for two and a half years.

Are you hoping IZ*ONE will get back together?

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