Hit Drama “Penthouse” PD Joo Dong Min Leaves SBS, What Will Happen To The Drama?

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It’s been revealed that PD Joo Dong Min who worked on the hit series the “Penthouse” has left SBS!

According to media reports, “Penthouse” PD Joo Dong Min has departed SBS’s subsidiary Studio S as of May 31st. With the “Penthouse 3” premiere just around the corner, this came as a huge shock to fans.

But what does this mean for the drama?

Luckily, Studio S later stated that PD Joo Dong Min will be still working on the drama as an independent contractor for the remainder of season 3 filming. He’s been in talks to direct an upcoming SBS drama based on a popular webtoon, however, due to this sudden news, insiders stated that they’re currently unsure if he’ll still direct it.

“Penthouse 3” premieres on June 4 at 10 p.m. KST.

By Hilda Moore

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