GFRIEND Yerin Becomes The First Member Of Her Group To Sign To A New Agency, Which Agency Did She Choose?

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GFRIEND Yerin has signed with Sublime Artist Agency (SAA)!

On June 17, Sublime Artist Agency (SAA) announced the news via an official statement revealing Yerin has joined them. They asked fans to look forward to the idol who will greet them as an artist soon through their agency.

After the news was released, Yerin personally shared this Instagram post,

“Hello, this is Yerin.

I have joined Sublime Artist Agency (SAA). I will work hard to show you the best sides through various activities.

Dear fans whom I love, thank you for always cheering me on and showing me love. I’ll become a Yerin who can always repay that love. I love you.”

Yerin debuted as a member of GFRIEND in 2015. On May 18, fans were shocked when it was announced that GFRIEND had collectively left Source Music, the members later confirmed their group had disbanded in personal handwritten letters.

Yerin joins the many other talents at SAA including Rain, EXID‘s Hani, GOT7‘s Youngjae, Lim Nayoung, and more.

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