EXO Surpass 1.2 Million Pre-Orders Of Their New Album “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” Setting A New Personal Record

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EXO has set a new personal record with their newly released special album “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING”!

As of June 6, “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” has exceeded 1,220,181 stock pre-orders, meaning the album has set a new personal-best record for EXO.

The special album contains a total of five tracks including the title track “Don’t fight the feeling,” “Paradise,” “No matter,” “Runaway,” and “Just as usual.”

EXO’s “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” was released earlier today, fans are currently celebrating its release by trending various hashtags on twitter including #ToEXOPlanetAndBeyond, YIXING and #드디어_나왔다_엑소_멈추지도마


Congratulations, EXO!

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