EXO D.O is going viral for his good looks.

As the group has recently made their return, fans have been discussing the music, the members, and more. One of the trending topics became one about EXO D.O and his frameless glasses.

It is well known among the fandom that EXO D.O has bad eyesight and is unable to wear contact lenses. However, he still tries to avoid wearing glasses out in public during promotional events and such.

On a recent video of EXO D.O along with his group members practicing for a dance, he was spotted with his glasses. Netizens couldn’t stop gushing about how good he looked in the glasses, comments like ‘so handsome,’ ‘he looks even better in glass,’ and more were among the top comments on various community posts about the subject.


Some even posted past photos of D.O wearing glasses.


Do you think he looks good with glasses?


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