Ed Sheeran Gives More Spoilers About His Upcoming Song With BTS, Is The Song Titled “Permission To Dance”?


Could BTS upcoming song be titled “Permission To Dance”?

It was recently confirmed that Ed Sheeran had participated in the writing of an upcoming BTS song.

At the time of the confirmation, Big Hit music didn’t elaborate whether the upcoming song will be the one BTS is set to drop in the CD version of “Butter.”

On June 28, Ed Sheeran was on Instagram answering fans questions, one fan asked him about his favorite BTS song, he replied,

I’d say my favorite BTS song is their new song, Permission to Dance.”

Fans believe this could be the title of the upcoming BTS song. Fans have been sharing the clip of Ed talking about the song all over social media.

The CD Version of “Butter” is set to drop on July 9.

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