“Doom At Your Service” Scores Its Personal Lowest Ratings To Date, What Is Going On?

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tvN’s “Doom At Your Service” is not doing well in ratings!

Despite premiering to promising ratings, “Doom At Your Service” ratings have been declining with each episode and this week marks the drama’s lowest ratings in its entire run.

Last week, “Doom At Your Service” scored its lowest rating with 2.78%, this week both of its episode scored even lower than that.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Doom At Your Service” episode 9 earned average nationwide ratings of 2.505%, which was the drama’s lowest number until its 10th episode aired. “Doom At Your Service” episode 10 recorded ratings of 2.473%, a slight drop from its 9th episode and a new personal low for the drama.

With six more episodes until the drama wraps up its run, there is an ongoing discussion regarding whether the drama ratings will stagnant at this rate or drop even lower. Despite the lackluster reception in South Korea, “Doom At Your Service” rights have been sold to several countries around the world, added to that, Park Bo Young continues to top the Buzzworthy Drama Actors list.

Meanwhile, KBS’s drama “Youth of May” concluded its run with good ratings. “Youth of May” episode 12 scored nationwide viewership ratings of 4.6% and 5.6%.

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Which one of these dramas are you currently watching?

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  1. Blame it to the plot. So confusing. The artists are well chosen but it seems the story unfits them esp. the presence of a girl as a deity. The intro part showing the female lead with a pathetic background and dumped as a doomed live in partner seems unfitting on her pretty personality. She should be flawless to be paired to a good looking though cursed male lead deity.

  2. I consider myself having good taste in dramas and recognizing what is good and this drama is bad.I thought it might be only me since some dramas like Youth of May is not my cup of tea either and most people still like it but apparently is not according to this article and the ratings Doom is doomed.Too bad for the handsome Seo .

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