Brand New Music To Debut A New Boy Group Next Year With X1 Member Lee Eun Sang

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Brand New Music has unveiled their plans to debut a new boy group in 2022.

A source from the agency told news outlets they were preparing to launch a new boy group in 2022 targeting the global market, the debut is aimed for some time in the first half of 2022.

Debut plans are already underway. The upcoming boy group will include many talented members including Lee Eun Sang, who debuted as a member of X1 after “Produce X 101” and is currently active as a solo artist. It will also be Brand New Music’s first group with a large number of members.

Brand New Music has even established a team to exclusively manage the group members, through their official statement, they revealed the names of the members, narrative, and other details will be revealed one by one starting in the second half of this year.”

Brand New Music is home to many groups including AB6IX, BDC, Bumkey, Hanhae, Han Dong Geun, Yang Da Il, and more.

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