Big Hit Inconsistently Editing Out BTS Jimin And Jungkook Tattoos Confuses Fans

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BTS members are currently busily preparing for their new hard copy release of “Butter.”

Big Hit Music has been dropping teaser photos of the idols for the past couple of days. Last night, Big Hit dropped new teasers [version 3], something in the teasers caught fans’ attention and is causing confusion.

The 3rd version of “Butter” concept photos shows the members washing cars in denim outfits. The photos were very popular among fans but some couldn’t help but wonder why Jimin and Jungkook’s tattoos were edited out.

Added to that, the editing was done inconsistently. In the previous version 1 and 2 concept photos, Jungkook tattoos are visible, however, in version 3, he’s wearing a long sleeve to hide his arm tattoos and his hand tattoos have been erased in one of the photos completely.

Jimin has some tattoos including “FOREVER” “NEVERMIND,” and “13.” Fans noticed that Jimin’s arm tattoos were edited out and so was his ribcage tattoo.

With some concept photos showing Jungkook’s tattoos, fans wonder why the 3rd version has completely edited out their tattoos.

What do you think of this?

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