YouTube Deletes Over 10 Million Views From BTS Newest MV “Butter”

Despite BTS “Butter” Music Video being on the right track to break and set multiple new worldwide YouTube records, what fans feared has become a reality!

BTS “Butter” Music Video had reached 60 million views in 8 hours and 55 minutes breaking “Dynamite” record of 13 hours. However, around the 10th-hour mark since the MV release, ARMY all around the world noticed that the MV went from 63 million views to 52 million views.

Many ARMY expressed their anger over the deletion of views but the fandom had been expecting it. This isn’t the first or second or third time YouTube had deleted views from BTS music videos.

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To combat this, fans have made tutorials and guides to help the fandom stream properly so YouTube wouldn’t delete views. The YouTube system validates each view to determine whether it was done by a human or a bot which explains why sometimes, the platform ends up deleting millions of views at once as they keep validating the views in the first 24 hours.

Regardless, fans are not discouraged and have been working as hard to stream properly.

What are your thoughts on this?

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