YouTube Deletes An Additional 13 Million Views From BTS “Butter” MV

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YouTube has deleted an additional 13 million views of BTS “Butter” MV making the total views lost amount to 25 million views.

BTS “Butter” MV has broken many records set by “Dynamite” and has unofficially become the fastest MV on YouTube to surpass 100 million views doing so in roughly 21 hours. The MV also reached 112.8 million views in the first 24 hours.

However, despite fans’ best efforts to stream the MV properly, many have found out that YouTube has deleted an additional 13 million views from “Butter.” With the 12 million views they’ve deleted last night, this makes the total deleted views rise to 25 million views.

One twitter user said,

“Deleting 25m views isn’t a small number so don’t treat it like one. please start streaming on YouTube CORRECTLY AGAIN. hope they don’t delete more views.”

Despite the setback, fans are still as determined as ever to break more records for “Butter.” YouTube freezes and deletes views as they validate whether they’re real or not, they’ve previously responded to fans questions regarding that, here is what they said,

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