If you were expecting “Vincenzo” season 2, you might be in for a surprise!

“Vincenzo” has wrapped up its run last night and rather spectacularly. Fans loved the last episode and especially raved about the ending scene of “Vincenzo,” many started to wonder whether a second season of the hit drama might be in planning.

On May 3, Song Joong Ki sat down for an interview with a Korean news outlet to talk about his recently concluded drama “Vincenzo” and he talked about a possible “Vincenzo” season two, so what was his answer?

Song Joong Ki firmly said,

“Nothing has been said about season 2. I’m personally happy that many people want season 2 to come out, but realistically speaking, its not coming out, and I don’t think there was ever any season 2 discussion going on internally.”

“Vincenzo” was a 20 episode tvN drama about a mafia boss who takes down corrupt people in South Korea after fleeing due to a war between mafia families.

“Vincenzo” episode 20 also achieved tvN’s sixth highest ratings in its history and was its personal best record to date.

What do you think of his answer? Would you like to see “Vincenzo” season two?

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  1. ABSOLUTELY WE WANT TO SEE A VINCENZO 2. NEVER WANTED TO SEE ANYTHING SO BADLY! LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS SHOW!! I’m a born Floridian and most K-Dramas have been really awesome to watch, but Vincenzo is my # 1 favorite…and please keep all the same characters and more.


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