SM Entertainment Revealed To Have Been Taking Legal Action Against Netizens Who Spread Rumors About EXO’s Chanyeol Private Life

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EXO fans are over the moon after this news was released about SM.

On May 17, SM Entertainment revealed that they’ve been suing the netizens who spread false rumors about EXO Chanyeol, and stated that the netizens have been identified by police and were forwarded to the prosecution with a recommendation for indictment.

They stated that these are one of the cases they’re taking against netizens who spread false rumors about their artists including Chanyeol and that they will continuously take legal action against those who defame and spread false rumors about their artists.

This case relates to what happened back in October of 2020 when Chanyeol was embroiled in controversy as one netizen alleged he had been cheating on her. At the time, SM stated they don’t have anything to say regarding his personal life which led fans to believe SM will not be punishing those who spread rumors about Chanyeol.

Chanyeol is currently serving as an active duty solider, he enlisted back in March.

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In celebration of the happy news, fans trended the hashtag #ApologizeToChanyeol.

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