SM Faces Backlash For Making Changes To EXO’s Upcoming Highly-Anticipated Special Album “Don’t Fight The Feeling”

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SM Entertainment is facing heavy backlash for its recent changes to EXO’s Upcoming Highly-Anticipated Special Album “Don’t Fight The Feeling”!

A couple of days ago, the internet went crazy after EXO dropped a new teaser. The group is set to return with a Special Album called “Don’t Fight The Feeling.” As per the original plans, the special album was set to have 6 different covers.

However, SM has trimmed it down to only one cover, this happened only a day after pre-orders began. The reason was cited as ‘manufacturer’s situation.’ This became an issue among fans who have been eagerly waiting for new content from EXO as a group for 18 months.

Added to the backlash, netizens have brought up past instances showing how SM hindered the group’s releases due to manufacturing issues. Some examples include the restocking problems with the “Obsession” album and manufacturing issues with “The Box.”

Fans are using the hashtag #EXO_DESERVED_RESPECT to talk about their feelings on the sudden change. Fans are also afraid that the change will affect album sales calculations. Despite the setbacks, EXO fans are pledging their never-ending support for the group stressing that they will do their best to help EXO achieve great sales and break records with their first comeback in 18 months.

SM Entertainment has previously announced that EXO’s special album “Don’t Fight the Feeling” will be released on June 7!

What do you think of this controversy?

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