Kwon Soon Wook, the older brother of BoA, reveals he’s been diagnosed with cancer!

On May 10, Kwon Soon Wook shared the news via an Instagram post. He revealed he’s gone into hiding after receiving his cancer diagnosis last year.

He shocked fans by revealing that medically speaking he doesn’t have much time left. He’s developed stage 4 peritoneal cancer. He then recalled the painful surgery he had to undergo last December after suffering from peritonitis and a stent in his body broke through his intestines.

In the post, he explains that he has roughly 2 to 3 months left as given by medical experts, he’s lost so much weight that he now weighs 36 kilograms (79 lbs). He has been unable to eat for roughly two months due to intestinal obstruction.

He said,

“Still, treatment will be done until the end, and even though it is a pain without promise I am trying hard not to lose hope. This is the first time I’ve cried because I’ve been unable to even eat one spoonful of rice.”

BoA left a comment under his post encouraging him, she said,

“Oppa, I love you. We can beat this. I’ll make you ramyun. We have to eat it together. I think that my older brother is a very strong person. You’re the coolest, strongest person in my eyes. Thank you for giving me strength every day.”

BoA’s Older Brother Kwon Soon Wook works as a director for music videos, he’s founded a company that specializes in music videos, commercials, and dramas. He’s directed many music videos for artists such as Red Velvet, D-CRUNCH, Baek Ji Young and BoA.

We hope he can get better soon.


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