“I Live Alone” And More Shows Starring Park Na Rae Shut Down Their Bulletin Board Due To The Influx Of Malicious Harassing Comments, Why?

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Comedian Park Na Rae is still getting flak for what she did recently.

Recently, it was announced that an investigation would be launched after a netizen submitted a complaint under the Information and Communication Network Act. to the police in regards to a couple of sexual jokes Park Na Rae made on a YouTube show.

Park Na Rae has been getting massive backlash for those remarks to which she’s apologized personally, however, despite that, many continue to demand she steps down from the various variety shows she’s a part of.

But how do they do it?

Korean variety shows have bulletin boards hosted on Naver, the viewers can discuss the episodes and give their feedback using their IDs. Netizens have been using those to demand the shows she’s a part of to kick her out and some have been leaving malicious comments.


Due to this, Naver revealed Naver TV TALK bulletin board has turned private to protect the cast from abusive, slanderous, and malicious comments, this was done regardless of the broadcasting company. Programs such as ‘I Live Alone,’ ‘Where is My Home,’ ‘Amazing Saturday’ and ‘The House Detox’ were all a part of the programs included in this.

What are your thoughts on the hate Park Na Rae’s been getting?

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