A Korean Nail Polish Company has been receiving massive backlash from ARMY after they found out they’ve attempted to trademark the phrase ‘I Purple You [Borahae]’!

‘I Purple You [Borahae]’ is a very meaningful phrase for BTS fans all around the world, it was coined back in 2016 by V who used it to express his love and trust for the ARMY, it means that BTS and ARMY will love and trust each other till the end of time just like the last color of the rainbow, purple.

A couple of days ago, fans noticed that on the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) website the nail polish brand ‘L’ has filed for the trademark back in September 2020 and it was pending. They applied to trademark it for it’s soap, oil, perfume, and cosmetic products. 


As you’d expect that didn’t go over well with ARMY who proceeded to email the company and urge them to withdraw the application. Many fans have also been contacting HYBE in hopes they resolve this.

On May 31, the company issued an official statement to announce they’re withdrawing their application of the trademark. They apologized to the BTS fans for causing worry,

“We have decided to withdraw the trademark filing for kpop’s development and will follow all the steps necessary to cancel is as soon as possible. We wish BTS the best in its future endeavors for Kpop as fellow Koreans.”

Fans believe its important for V to file to trademark the phrase since he’s created it.


What do you think of this?


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