“Move To Heaven” Screenwriter Yoon Ji Ryun has recently sat down for an interview and discussed the drama and the possibility of a second season.

Netflix’s newest release “Move To Heaven” has been released on May 14 on the platform. Led by Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang and Hong Seung Hee. The drama focuses on a trio that runs a cleaning service to clean and arrange items left by the deceased. The drama’s last episode had ended on an ambiguous note, making fans wonder if there were plans to continue with a second season.

During the interview, Screenwriter Yoon Ji Ryun stated,

“If ‘Move To Heaven’ season 2 happens, I’d like to write even better episodes to the audience.”

The writer also stated that the team has been considering a second season a lot. Adding that the leading cast had assured them they’d definitely want to return if “Move To Heaven” season 2 ever happened.

Would you like to see “Move To Heaven” return with a second season?

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