MONSTA X’s Shownu will not be participating in his group’s upcoming comeback!

On May 3, Starship Entertainment released a statement about Shownu’s health. As previously revealed, MONSTA X are set to return on June 1st.

The announcement relates to his eye injury which he was diagnosed with last summer, Shownu had been diagnosed with retinal detachment in his left eye and that he had undergone surgery to correct the issue.

In their new statement, Starship stated that despite the constant monitoring of his condition, he began experiencing discomfort in his eye due to light exposure whilst preparing for their comeback. The cause of his dicomfort was caused by sub-retinal fluid and proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) as a complication of the original detachment.

Thus, its been decided he wasn’t set to participate in promotional activities for MONSTA X’s upcoming comeback with the new mini album “One of a Kind.”

Starship Entertainment posted the full statement in English:


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