Mnet’s “Kingdom” Reveals Initial Rankings For Its 3rd Round


Mnet’s “Kingdom” competition is getting heated!

On May 27, Mnet’s “Kingdom” wrapped up the 3rd round of competition and is heading for the finale of the show. The second half of round 3 performers took stage during last night’s episode. The theme for Mnet’s “Kingdom” round 3 was ‘no limit,’ meaning each group could do whatever they wanted and bring whatever featuring artist they liked.

Mnet’s “Kingdom” also revealed round 3 initial rankings and they’re as follows:

  1. SF9
  2. Stray Kids
  3. BTOB
  5. iKON
  6. ATEEZ

The overall rankings of round 3 will be unveiled next week. The above ranking is subject to change depending on fan votes and video view counts.

What do you think of round 3 rankings?


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