“Penthouse” breakout star Lee Tae Bin has surprised fans of the drama with his recent revelations.

The actor made a guest appearance on the most recent episode of “Video Star.” Lee Tae Bin plays the role of Lee Min Hyuk, the son of Lee Gyu Jin (Bong Tae Gyu), he surprised everyone in the studio by revealing that his character was originally meant to be gay and in love with Joo Seok Hoon [the character played by Kim Young Dae].

The actor added,

“I am revealing this for the first time. Since Min Hyuk liked Seok Hoon and Seok Hoon liked [Bae] Ro Na, Min Hyuk was supposed to become more aggressive in bullying Ro Na since he had eyes for Seok Hoon.”

However, that plot-line never came to be and instead, the character was changed into someone who was [Yoo] Je Ni’s love interest.

The actor also added that the third season of the drama will shock viewers and asked fans to look forward to it.

Meanwhile, the 3rd season of Penthouse will air in June.

What are your thoughts on this?


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