Lee Seung Gi’s Agency Denies Marriage Rumors To Lee Da In And Announces His New Beginning

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Lee Seung Gi has joined a new agency after departing his agency of 18 years.

On May 26, Lee Seung Gi’s new agency Human Made released a statement to announce his new beginning with them. They also confirmed his dating news but denied the marriage news that has been going around.

They stated,

“Hello, this is singer and actor Lee Seung Gi’s new agency, Human Made.
First of all, we’d apologize for the delay in announcing his position as it happened in the process of establishing our company.

Currently, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In are getting to know each other little by little with good feelings as what’s reported through media outlets.

However, we ask you to please refrain from writing any unconfirmed reckless speculative articles And we hope that you will support and cheer for them warmly.”

They also extended gratitude for his previous agency and asked fans to continue to show love and support for the actor.

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