Kim Jung Hyun And O& Entertainment Reach A Settlement, Kim Jung Hyun Officially Departs The Agency

Actor Kim Jung Hyun and O& Entertainment have come to an agreement and settled their issues.

On May 14, it was revealed that the conflict between Kim Jung Hyun and O& Entertainment has been resolved. Both sides issued a joint statement to reveal the news,

“the exclusive contract signed by actor Kim Jung Hyun and O&N Entertainment ended at midnight on the 11th of May.”

It was revealed that a rep from the label and Kim Jung Hyun’s brother had met in person and resolved their misunderstandings, both sides have agreed to understand and cheer on each other.

Previously, Kim Jung Hyun and O& Entertainment have been involved in conflict with each other over the period of his contract. Both sides stated they will be suing each other with Kim Jung Hyun announcing this through his legal rep recently, he’d also stated he’d be suing the label for spreading false information about him.

Now that it appears to have been settled, Kim Jung Hyun is now officially a free-agent. He was in positive talks to join Culture Depot but that was before the various controversies involving him were brought up.

Stay tuned for more updates on the actor!

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