Jessi Claps Back At Haters Who Criticize Her Lip Fillers, Says ‘So What I Got Fillers!’

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Singer-rapper Jessi recent remarks are making headlines!

Jessi appeared on the most recent episode of the KBS talk show “The Joy Of Conversation 3.” During the show, they talked about all sorts of things pertaining to Jessi’s life, her rise to fame and dealing with hate comments and much more.

During the show, she openly discussed getting plastic surgery and her thoughts on the people who criticize her for getting fillers, she said,

“I just want people to be open-minded, do you know what I mean? When I post photos wearing a swimsuit, people curse at me for wearing a swimsuit. But then, what would I wear to the swimming pool?

I am the type of person who’d want to do something if others keep telling me not to, not in a bad way, but if people say Jessi your clothes are too revealing, I want to keep wearing clothes that are even more revealing.”

She also addressed the recent hate she’s gotten for her lip fillers, she said,

“These days, people say ‘your lips are too big,’ but so what? I got fillers, so what? I did it because I like it. Why do they keep saying ‘when you did, you’ve gotten uglier.’

This is my face. If I am happy with it, then its all that matters!”

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