Jang Ki Yong Involved In Fake Dating Rumors As Soon As His Drama Began Airing, How Did It Start?

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Actor Jang Ki Yong has been rumored to be dating former rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae!

The rumors began to circulate recently, netizens shared posts of their Instagram accounts, many believed the posts to be taken at a similar place and could be what fans call ‘lovestagram.’ Both account posted similar photos of the ocean on the same day.

In response to the rumors, Jang Ki Yong’s agency YG Entertainment completely denied them and stated that Jang Ki Yong and Son Yeon Jae don’t even know each other. They also added that the photo was taken when he’d gone to Busan to film for the drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up.”

Son Yeon Jae’s agency also responded with a similar statement that the two don’t even know each other at all.

Jang Ki Yong’s most recent drama “My Roommate is Gumiho” has aired two days ago and was received well by fans. Many wonder why the dating rumors began circulating like that and to a person whom he’d never even interacted with.

Son Yeon Jae is the founder and an instructor at Leap Studio, a rhythmic gymnastics academy.

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