A couple of days ago, fans were shocked by Han Ye Seul’s Instagram update. The actress personally revealed she’s dating, she’s done so in a way that we rarely see among Korean celebrities.

Since Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend reveal, many fans became curious about him, so today, we’ll go through everything we know about Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend thus far.

1Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend name is Rye Sung Jae [Rye Seung Jae]

2Rye Sung Jae used to be a theater actor

He is known to have led a couple of theater productions such as “Lucky Romance,” and “In The Burning Darkness.”

3Han Ye Seul is 10 years older than Rye Sung Jae

Han Ye Seul boyfriend is currently 30 years old. She was born in 1981 while he was born in 1991.

4Han Ye Seul calls Rye Seung Jae her ‘puppy’

She’s revealed she calls him that in an Instagram update thanking fans for showing support for their relationship.

5Rye Sung Jae is no longer acting

According to various Korean news outlet reports, the former theater actor had returned to living a normal life.

6Han Ye Seul and Rye Sung Jae both have many tattoos

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We wish Ryu Sung Jae and Han Ye Seul all the best!


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