Actress Han Ye Seul has taken to Instagram to dispel rumors about her boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae.

Back on May 15, Han Ye Seul personally revealed she’s dating someone who is 10 years younger than her. The new was met with mostly positive responses and fans became curious about his identity.

Recently, a YouTube channel livestreamed a video with the title “SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE] The identity of Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend.”

The video allegedly exposes him and claim he’s a past male escort who is ‘exactly like someone from the movie ‘beastie boys,’ a movie about male escorts.

Han Ye Seul has seen that and posted screenshots of the video, she flat out dispelled the rumors and denied them,

“No… this is such a fiction. We should have a drink big time! Also, why do these things happen after my contract with the former company ends… how curious..”

Han Ye Seul then deleted the screenshots shortly after and instead posted twice to Instagram updating fans with photos of her dates with her boyfriend. In one of the posts, she wrote,

“People around me were so worried about me and told me not to react to them, so I took down the photos. Instead, I’ll wrap up the day with a pretty couple picture. Thank you for trusting us and supporting us.

There are so many comments that I can’t read. I’d appreciate it if you could capture the malicious comments and send them to me for defamation later.”


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