GOT7 Jay B Personally Apologizes For The Naked Artwork Shown During Instagram Live


Following H1GHR MUSIC apology addressing the situation, Jay B has also stepped in to personally issue an apology for his recent blunder.

Last night, GOT7 Jay B held an Instagram live broadcast to chat with fans, he chatted from his room, and during the broadcast, photos of naked female parts were seen taped to his wall. This naturally garnered attention and became top trending news on Naver.

On May 14, Jay B took to his personal Instagram account to post two stories, the first one reads, “I am sincerely sorry.

In the second one, he apologizes to fans for suddenly concerning them, he says,

“These are photos I stuck up from one of the artists I like but I was careless having shown them through a platform where there would be people of various ages present.

In the future, I will take special care in regards to such aspects and will make sure there will be no matters you will have to frown at it. I am sorry.”

The controversy that Jay B has been involved in coincides with his first solo release under H1GHR MUSIC. Check out his new song below!


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