GFRIEND Members Confirm The Group Is Over In Handwritten Letters To Fans After Departing Source Music

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Girl group members GFRIEND (Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji) have shared personal handwritten letters to fans to confirm the group has officially disbanded.

On May 19, the group members uploaded letters to Weverse to thank fans and their label for the past 6 years, they also explained in their letters that the group is over but the members bond will last forever.

The letters do not contain any mention of what each member will do for the future but focus on thanking the fans for the past 6 years.

GFRIEND’s leader Sowon was the one who officially confirmed the group was over, she wrote,

“Tho GFRIEND is officially over, it’s not the end for us, so please don’t worry too much.

I’m a little worried about the path I haven’t gone through yet, but I’ll work hard thinking about Buddy who always support me. Buddy must have been surprised by the sudden news, I am sorry and I love you. I’ll repay you with good work.”

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The rest of the members’ letters contain thank you notes to fans for always being there for them.

On May 18, Source Music announced that the group members have all decided to depart the agency as their contracts will come to an end on May 22.

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