Fans Shocked To Learn That Seo In Guk Thinks His Face Is Weird And Ugly At Times

Seo In Guk is apparently not a fan of his face like the rest of us!

Recently, Seo In Guk joined the online press conference for his upcoming movie “Pipeline,” and during the conference, Seo In Guk’s face and handsomeness was discussed, fans were surprised to find out what Seo In Guk had to say about his face.

Previously, director Yoo Ha had commented that Seo In Guk is not conventionally attractive but is still attractive when talking about how he’s different from the flower-boy image popular among Kdrama actors, the director said he was fascinated by the actor when he saw him for the first time.

Seo In Guk was asked about the director’s comment, he said,

“I personally think I have a weird face, at times I look handsome, but other times it looks ugly to me. I think the director thought highly of my strange visuals. He said my eyes attract people. I was thankful for his compliment.”

Seo In Guk is currently starring in “doom at your service” and is also busily promoting his new movie “Pipeline” which hit theaters on May 26.

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Do you think Seo In Guk is attractive?

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