Fans Shocked Over Balloon Protest In Front Of SM’s Building Petitioning For EXO Chanyeol To Be Kicked Out

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If you thought protest trucks were the epitome of fans protest powers, think again because there is a new way to do and it’s both fascinating and shocking at the same time.

As fans are already aware, EXO are set to make their grand return in June with a new special album. It also features Chanyeol and Baekhyun, both idols are currently serving in the military but have participated in the recording for the album ahead of their enlistment. Lay appears to be also taking part in this comeback.

On May 29, fans noticed that a balloon was on display in front of the SM building, the message on it was shocking to say the least. The balloon demands Chanyeol departs his group, it reads, “Chanyeol out,” and “SM edit out Chanyeol’s part.”

Many fans within the fandom were unaware of this and appear to be shocked to see it. Protest trucks have been around for a while now but this is the first time fans protested using a balloon.

Over on the community post in the qoo, the post displaying the message has gone viral attracting more than 1000 comments as of this writing which is almost unheard of for a post on the qoo.

Netizens comments range from showing support to whoever did this to those who are against the idea. Some netizens believe it’d be better to boycott the group instead of spending money on such a thing.

International fans on the other hand were mostly against this idea expressing their shock at the fact that such a thing happened to begin with.

This case relates to what happened back in October of 2020 when Chanyeol was embroiled in controversy as one netizen alleged he had been cheating on her. At the time, SM stated they don’t have anything to say regarding his personal life which led fans to believe SM will not be punishing those who spread rumors about Chanyeol.

However, this month, they revealed they have been taking legal action. On May 17, SM Entertainment revealed that they’ve been suing the netizens who spread false rumors about EXO Chanyeol, and stated that the netizens have been identified by police and were forwarded to the prosecution with a recommendation for indictment.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Even if he did, I have no idea what that has to do with his, or his group’s music. If EXO fans are truly fans, they wouldn’t harass the group in this way.

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