EXO’s Sehun recent admission to fans regarding the hardships he’s facing due to sasaengs is upsetting to say the least.

sasaengs (overly-obsessive so-called fans) are a huge concern to idols as they find very intrusive and sometimes illegal ways to stalk and stay close to their idols. EXO members have talked about their thoughts on sasaengs and even confronted them a couple of times but to no avail.

On May 10, Sehun held a live broadcast through his personal Instagram to chat with fans, he even spoiled a bit of information about their upcoming special album, during the broadcast, the idol was interrupted by a sasaeng who called his phone, he said,

“please don’t call. I really get around 100 calls a day. But I haven’t changed my number purposefully. Its because I still get calls if I change my number. Its even more bothersome, so I don’t change it.”

Sehun had previously commented on sasaengs behavior and he once left a warning message on his personal Instagram.

In related news, EXO announced their plans to return with a new special album called “Don’t Fight the Feeling” soon.

You can check out Sehun’s instagram live below!


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