Who Is Lee Seung Gi’s Girlfriend Lee Da In? Everything You Need To Know About The Rising Actress

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Earlier today, it was confirmed that Lee Seung Gi is dating actress Lee Da In.

Fans were surprised by the news because despite the two being actors, they have never crossed paths on their careers. Many people also became curious, who is Lee Da In?

Today, we’re to bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about Lee Da In, Lee Seung Gi’s girlfriend

Lee Da In is from a famous family

The rising actress has been born to famous parents. She is the daughter of the actress Kyeon Mi Ri and Im Young Gyu. Kyeon Mi Ri is a well-known veteran actress who has been in countless dramas you’ve probably already seen.

She is also the younger sister of actress Lee Yu Bi. Who has actually played Lee Seung Gi’s first love in “Gu’s Family Book.”

Why her family name is Lee and not Im

Lee Da In’s mother is the famous actress Kyeon Mi Ri, sadly, her parents marriage didn’t last for long. The couple married in 1987 and divorced in 1993, a year after Lee Da In was born.

Kyeon Mi Ri later married a business man named Lee Hong Heon in 1998. He legally adopted the two daughters and they took on his family name hence why Da In’s family name is Lee and not Im.

Lee Da In is 5 years younger than Lee Seung Gi

She is born in 1992 while Lee Seung Gi was born in 1987 making him 5 years older than her.

Despite her youthful looks, she’s often mistaken for being the older daughter. Lee Da In’s sister Lee Yu Bi is actually two years older than her.

Lee Da In debuted in 2014

Lee Da In is a rising talent that has only began to gain attention recently, she’s debuted in 2014 in the historical film “The Fatal Encounter.”

She has been in many dramas across the years, most recently she played a supporting role in the drama “Alice.” She also played roles in many hit dramas such as “Doctor Prisoner,” “Hwarang” and “Come and Hug Me.”

Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi love golf

If you’re a fan of both actors, you probably already know they like golf. Lee Da In regularly updates with photos of herself on the course. According to news outlets, the two actors actually began getting to know each other through their mutual interest in golf and naturally developed into lovers.

Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi have been dating for about 5 to 6 months

Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi are a new couple.

According to media outlets, the two have been dating since late last year. When her agency confirmed the news, they stated that they’ve met and started dating about 5 to 6 months ago.

They stated,

“We have checked with actress Lee Da In herself, and she stated that they met as senior and junior in the same industry and have been carefully getting to know each other since five or six months ago.”

Lee Da In often fights with her sister over clothes

In a previous variety show appearance, Lee Da In talked about her sister and admitted they often fight like sisters often do and said they also swear at each other when they fight, most of their fights are about clothes.

She said,

“If I went out wearing her clothes without telling her, she would immediately call me and I would get scared and deny it. My unnie is really good with words so I can’t win. When we fight through texts, sometimes, my blood pressure rises to the point I just block her.”

The industry already knew about Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi’s relationship

According to Sports Kyunghyang, the couple was well known in the industry with many industry insiders have been aware of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s relationship.

Not only that, but Lee Seung Gi has been reportedly also informing his close acquaintances about the relationship as well.

Since he’s recently wrapped up filming for “Mouse,” it was reported that he’d spend any time he could with her when he didn’t have a schedule.

So this is everything you need to know about Lee Seung Gi’s girlfriend Lee Da In. Did any of these facts surprise you?

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