BTS Jungkook Shocking Diet Before Filming “Butter,” No Food For Five Days?

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BTS Jungkook has revealed a shocking fact about what he’s done prior to the filming of “Butter.”

On May 21, the group celebrated the release of their highly anticipated second English track “Butter.” To celebrate the occasion, the members held a V Live to discuss the song and chat with fans. During the broadcast, Jungkook actually brought up the crazy diet he’s done prior to shooting their music video.

Jungkook revealed that he fasted for 5 days and only drank water during that period.

Jungkook said,

“At the time, I didn’t not even eat once for 5 days.”

J-hope expressed his shock at this and said that the fat on Jungkook’s cheeks is gone while V also expressed his shock as well with a comment saying, ‘wow, only water for five days?’

This brought up a discussion regarding Jungkook’s weight, with many fans not realizing just how much weight he’s lost for the MV.

What do you think of his crazy diet method? Are you surprised to hear him talk about this?

What do you think of this?

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  1. Starvation is not a diet it’s a eating disorder. Period. No one should have allowed this at big hit but they did so they are sick too. I’m so upset about this. jungkook deserves better! I hope there are more people like me who can pressure South Korea to change their unattainable beauty standards. This is just wrong!!!!

  2. This makes me very sad and worried. I watched the video clip and the other members barely react beyond a curious “really?”. I hope someone in Jungkook’s life is addressing this. These kinds of ‘diets’ are unfortunately common in the idol industry and Korea as a whole. Knowing Korea, many fans young and old will be inspired by JK’s ‘determination and hard work’ and copy his diet rather than see it for what it is, a short term weight loss solution that can lead to long term physical damage and yo-yo-ing weight if repeated. Not to mention the evidence of an unhealthy mentality around food and body image.

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