AOA Chanmi Asks Netizens ‘What’s The Point Of Being Angry At Something I Can’t Change?’ Is She Referring To Jimin’s Bullying Scandal

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AOA Chanmi has posted to Instagram and her post is gaining attention!

On May 26, AOA Chanmi shared an Instagram story with content that was puzzling to fans to say the least. The story features a page and a half of an open book, the chapter title reads,

‘What’s The Point Of Being Angry At Something I Can’t Change?’

The first sentence following the title was highlighted and it reads, ‘most of the time, there is no point.’

Fans believe she’s referring to the netizens asking her to speak about the bullying controversy surrounding her AOA members Jimin and Mina. The group members have mostly remained silent on the issue and rarely ever spoke about it. Many fans accused the members of being spectators to the horrible things Mina had to endure during her time in AOA. And despite Mina being very active and openly discussing how the bullying happened and the toll it left on her, the other members never spoke of it or defended themselves.

AOA currently includes Chanmi, Hyejeong and Seolhyun. Jimin departed the group following the controversy and Yuna left earlier this year.

What do you think of this?

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