“Vincenzo” Episode 18 Achieves The Drama’s Highest Ratings Yet

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“Vincenzo” is soaring high!

As the drama is coming to a close, more viewers are tuning in to see how it pans out.

The hit tvN drama has been doing well in viewership ratings staying mostly above the 10% mark on most of its episodes which is pretty good for a cable channel drama, and its most recent broadcast has become the most watched episode for the series to date.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Vincenzo” episode 18 scored average viewership rating of 12.3%, this is the drama’s personal best and the highest its ever been able to achieve yet. Its also a noticeable increase from its previous broadcast, “Vincenzo” episode 17 had achieved 11% in ratings.

“Vincenzo” airs its last episodes next week, with the cliffhanger from “Vincenzo” episode 18, fans are both excited and scared about what shall happen next week.

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