How Song Joong Ki And Jeon Yeo Bin Interact Off-Screen Gain Attention, Their Chemistry Is Off The Charts

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“Vincenzo” has been doing tremendously well and due to a variety of reasons, fans believe one of them has to be the chemistry between its lead actors.

The hit tvN drama might be taking a break this week but luckily for fans, they have very entertaining behind-the-scenes videos they can watch.

tvN has been regularly uploading behind-the-scenes videos of “Vincenzo” filming. Fans are loving those videos as they showcase a totally different side of our beloved characters. One thing stood out in those videos and it’s how Song Joong Ki And Jeon Yeo Bin interact with each other.

Many fans already find the chemistry between Song Joong Ki And Jeon Yeo Bin great. behind-the-scenes videos of the two actors rehearsing for their scenes show just how comfortable the two are around each other and how playful Jeon Yeo Bin is.

Various snippets of the actors practicing their lines show how Jeon Yeo Bin and Song Joong Ki behave and how much they laugh between the scenes. Song Joong Ki is seen accepting all the jokes Jeon Yeo Bin plays on him.

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos of “Vincenzo” below!

Do you like the chemistry between Song Joong Ki And Jeon Yeo Bin?

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