Seoul’s High Court Reveals The List Of Idols Who Were Negatively Affected By The Produce 101 Rigging Controversy

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Seoul’s High Court has revealed the list of idols who were negatively affected by the produce 101 controversy due to its rigging issue.

As previously revealed, the show was rigged and many deserving idols who should’ve made it to the top or the final lineup were wrongfully eliminated from the show seasons. Two contestants were switched during the first round, two were switched during the final round in season 2, and Twelve contestants were also selected in advance during the final round in season 3.

Netizens have demanded to know the list of idols affected by this and Seoul’s High Court has released the names, these idols were unfairly replaced by other contestants.

Here is the list:

season 1: Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Hye Rin. 

Season 2: Sung Hyun Woo and Kang Dong Ho. 

Season 3: Lee Ga Eun and Han Cho Won. 

Season 4: .Anzardi Timothee, Kim Guk Hun, Lee Jin Woo, Gu Jung Mo, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Geum Dong Hyun

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