SBS’s “Taxi Driver” Soars To Its Highest Ratings Yet With Its 5th and 6th Episodes

SBS’s “Taxi Driver” is on a roll!

This week, SBS’s “Taxi Driver” aired its 5th and 6th episode breaking its own ratings records once again.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Taxi Driver” episode 5 scored average nationwide ratings of 12.3% and 14.2% for its two parts, making it the highest Friday ratings for the drama yet. Its also better than the comparatively lower ratings its Friday episodes get compared to its Saturday episodes.

While “Taxi Driver” episode 6 scored 8.7% and 16.0%, the highest numbers for the drama to date and a new personal record for it. The drama took over “Penthouse 2” time slot and that the drama had been doing tremendously well in ratings inching 30% with its finale episode.

“Taxi Driver” stars Lee Je Hoon and Esom and is about a taxi service that takes revenge for people who have been wronged by society and overlooked by the justice system.

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Source: Nielsen Korea

My personal thoughts- by Jass K.

“Taxi Driver” is a very interesting new drama. I’ve been enjoying my time and my review of the first half comes out next week after episode 7 and 8 is out. But so far, I must say it’s very entertaining and heartbreaking at the same time.

I am so glad to see Lee Je Hoon and Esom drama do this well, if they keep up this pace they can easily surpass 20% soon.

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