“Revolutionary Sisters” is taking a temporary break from filming!

On April 13, the production team behind “Revolutionary Sisters” announced via an official statement that one of its cast members has come into close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient, as a result, filming was stopped and the entire cast and crew were tested.

Fortunately, the cast and crew’s test results all came back negative, but since Hong Eun Hee came into close contact with the confirmed patient, she has gone into self-quarantine for two weeks as a safety precaution.

Thus, “Revolutionary Sisters” will be taking a one-week hiatus and will return with new episodes on April 24.

Hong Eun Hee’s agency, Namoo Actors, also released a statement explaining the situation. Turns out, a member of Hong Eun Hee’s makeup staff tested positive for COVID-19, as a result, the actress tested for the virus and the results came back negative. However, in accordance with government health guidelines, the actress and the staff who has come into close contact with the confirmed case must self-quarantine. Thus, Hong Eun Hee’s schedules will be temporary halted for the time being.

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